Lessons in Your Home or Our Studio!


  • No travel time means students have more time for homework and after school activities
  • Moms don't have to bundle up siblings, spend an afternoon driving to a studio, waiting through a lesson, and driving home
  • We also offer ZOOM lessons and lessons in our studio

Piano or vocal lessons are an investment in your child's future and a proven method for preserving grown-ups' cognitive ability.

Music Makes Kids Smarter

  • Studies show that piano lessons develop the math and science parts of the brain.
  • Colleges provide scholarships for piano students, just like athletes.
  • A Music Degree can be a goal or a steppingstone to graduate school. A greater percentage of music majors are accepted to medical school than students with any other major.

Case in point: We had a student who started piano with us at age 11. We helped him get a full-ride scholarship to a major university where he obtained a music degree. He is now in medical school with a full-ride scholarship

Music Makes Adults Healthier

  • Studies show that structured piano or voice lessons can be a relaxation tool.
  • Studies also show that structured piano or voice lessons prevent or slow symptoms of Alzheimers better that learning a language or working crossword puzzles.
  • Playing piano can improve your quality of life, whether you are picking up from where you were when your mother stopped making you practice or starting from scratch.